It is my goal to try and establish a trust relationship in the limited time with my client. So I generally sit down before the inspection and discuss the report and procedure with the client. I think communication is productive; right at the beginning. Some clients are somewhat apprehensive and nervous, along with real estate agents. I was nervous when I bought my first home, so it is understandable. A client might also think that a inspector is "in" with the real estate agent. Maybe some inspectors are providing a watered-down inspection to keep the referrals coming? I receive a lot of inspections from agents, but I have always established an independent relationship with all of them!

Through the years some have approached me before the inspection and have told me to "ease up" on the inspection. I usually said "ok", and proceeded to do the inspection the way I have always done it, representing the client. During and then after the inspection, I continue to communicate with my client. We generally sit down after the inspection, and discuss my findings and recommendations. Finally when we are ready to leave, I make sure the client understands what the recommendations are, and that he/her personally contact their attorney. If they have any questions, they can call me!