I decided to become a Home Inspector sometime in the summer of 1993. My love for homes as well as my experience working in construction and related services gave me insight into the inspection process. I took some courses in the Chicago area and did some part time inspections in 93. In June of 1994, I traveled to Oceanside California and attended ITA (Inspection Training Associates) home inspection class. At this time, ITA was the only course recognized by the by the Dept. of Education. After completing the course with high grades, I successfully inspected my first two homes with the assistance of my instructor in Oceanside. What a Trill!! I than came home and started my own business as a sole proprietorship in a wide open market. As time went along, I later incorporated. As to date, I never had anyone tell me I did a bad or incomplete inspection! Once in while I might have someone who doesn't attend the inspection, then call me and ask if I checked the roof or furnace without reading the report? That is why I highly recommend the client(s) at the full inspection, they see what I see!! Now that I started my 16th year in business, I love doing inspections everyday!!